The Top 7 Blogs for Accountants to Follow in 2023

Listen! Can we agree that we all need help from time to time?

With so much going on in the accounting industry, it can feel overwhelming to stay on top of changes to legislation, industry trends and continuing education.

Accounting professionals need to get their hands on the latest news and updates fast.  We know you don’t have the time to scout around the internet for trusted sites, so we’ve done the leg work for you. 

Accounting blogs are an excellent way of getting important information quickly. 

Articles are like bite-sized chunks of your favorite sandwich – you can devour them over lunch.  We will provide you with 7 accounting blogs that will provide you with a buffet of articles you can munch your way through.  

Why an Accounting Blog?

Apart from the obvious reasons stated above, blog articles have a few other benefits.  

  • Get expert information about accounting software and how you can use this to increase efficiencies in your firm
  • Educate yourself on bookkeeping and accounting practices
  • Understand new trends and challenges in the industry
  • Keep up to date with changes in legislation and tax requirements 
  • Learn from industry experts who have years of experience and influence thinking in the industry
  • Find an accounting coach (invaluable for business growth)
  • To be educated about products and services that can improve the efficiency of your business
  • Sound like you know what’s going on when you talk to your peers (critical for your reputation)

Convinced that this is the way to go? Keep reading as we review 7 blogs that can add value to your business. 

I. Accountant SEO

– Website Focus

Perhaps accounting and tax professionals haven’t spent much time considering SEO (search engine optimization) as a critical success factor.  However, content marketing is a topic that businesses can’t ignore in 2023.  

Do a quick Google search for accounting websites, and you’ll find 318 000 000 search results come up. That’s a staggering amount!  And since numbers are your game – it won’t take much to understand that you will need a very smart SEO strategy to be seen on the internet.  

Accountant SEO comes to the rescue for this very reason.  They have dedicated an entire arm of their SEO business to get you customer leads and create a long-term sustainable strategy to keep you relevant online. 

– Article Examples

The articles on their website focus on educating you about SEO and content marketing.  

Recent articles include:

  • How to get accounting leads – 5 effective strategies for 2023
  • Content Marketing for Accountants
  • ROI of SEO in the accounting profession  
  • Best accounting theme for WordPress 
  • Accountant SEO case study

– Benefits of this blog for accountants

If you’re going to spend your time reading blog articles, let it be one that’s going to tell you how you can grow your business.   This website gives valuable insight into a topic that will ultimately keep you in business.  

There is no more important blog content for an accountant than how to get customers!  Let’s face it, you can be the smartest accountant around, but if you don’t have a way to attract customers to your business, it’s all for nothing. 

II. The Accounting Web

– Website Focus

Next up,  we have the Accounting Web.  It is jam-packed with accounting news and the latest industry information. Noted as one of the best accounting blogs by reviewers, this site covers many topics.

Any accounting business looking for advice on tax, how to run a practice, financial reporting, the latest accounting technology, and industry insights from global brands will find this website invaluable.

– Article Examples

Recent articles include:

  • How to become a freelance accountant
  • How to measure the success of your AP team
  • An Accountant’s guide to a brilliant website
  • The bottom line:  Accountants talk numbers

One of the stand-out features of the website is the ‘opinion’ page. Get an in-depth look into the mind of other accounting practices and small business owners as they share their opinions and thoughts about burning issues in the industry. 

– Benefits of this blog for accountants

By actively engaging with the content of this website, your knowledge and industry insight will improve. They have provided opportunities for learning in different ways, including articles, conferences and free digital events.  

There is also an e-book and podcast section if you want to increase your knowledge further.  Overall this is a well-constructed site with loads of information about accounting topics.  It could keep you busy for hours as you work through virtually any area of interest.  Even non-accountants can learn a thing or two from their free e-publications.

III. Accounting Tools

– Website Focus

The Accounting Tools website lives up to its name by providing numerous resources for accountants. Their focus is on CPE courses, accounting books, articles and podcasts. 

A stand-out feature of this website is the extensive podcast page where you can access a very long list of podcasts covering a wide range of topics.  Their podcast episodes are 7-10 minutes long, making them easily digestible in a busy schedule. 

– Article Examples

Some of their recent articles and podcasts include:

  • The role of a bookkeeper in an accounting department
  • Accounting for truckers
  • Long-term cashflow forecasts
  • Adding value to internal audits

– Benefits of this blog for accountants

You can access information easily by clicking on either the article or podcast index.  Arranged in alphabetical order, they have really spent time structuring information in a way that will make it easy to find valuable information quickly. 

A quick scroll through their menus shows that they have aimed to be a valuable resource in the accounting industry, and it appears they have succeeded. 

They provide 1300 hours of online, self-study continuing education courses and allow you to take the exams online. This all-inclusive website won’t disappoint if your focus is education and improving your knowledge of the accounting industry.  

IV. Journal of Accountancy

– Website Focus

Packed with information on tax, practice management, financial planning and management accounting, this website is sure to get bookmarked by accountants who are serious about the industry. 

– Article Examples

Some recent topics covered are:

  • Of high interest:  What rising interest rates mean
  • FASB issues proposed changes to crypto asset accounting
  • How remote work affected early career auditors
  • 3 trends that will reshape accounting and finance in 2023

– Benefits of this blog for accountants

Apart from the fact that AICPA and CIMA endorse this website, the site provides podcast episodes, sponsored reports and a section titled “From a tax advisor.”  They also have a monthly digest that has gone digital, namely the “Journal of Accountancy.”

Come here if you want credible information about financial analysis, financial reporting issues, wealth management and practice management advice. Bookmarking this website would be like having a trusted advisor on hand 24/7. 

V. Insightful Accountant

– Website Focus

Insightful Accountant made the list because this website provides accountants with tax practice advice, tax preparation help and gives you insight into tax law.  Living up to the website’s name, they have compiled truly insightful information that would help any accounting professional with expert advice. 

– Article Examples

Insightful Accountant did an audit of their most read article in 2022.  This is a good indication of what accountants are looking for, and also that they find it on this website. 

  • 10 personality traits every accountant should have
  • Accounting schedules – a must for better accounting reporting
  • More about month-end review (now QBO)
  • Common Year end adjustments
  • 4 challenges and solutions accountants will face in 2022

– Benefits of this blog for accountants

You will find their practice management section very helpful. They cover topics from practice management to software that you need to scale your business. 

They also have a section dedicated to accounting technology for the different accounting functions.  In this section, they focus on QuickBooks and how to get around tricky issues you may have with the program.  When you’re in a bind and need answers fast, this website will help you overcome your software issues.

VI. Going Concern

– Website Focus

Slightly different from the other websites, but still worth noting, is Going Concern.  The focus is on the latest accounting news around the globe.  Driven by the big 4 accounting firms, KPMG, Deloitte, EY and PwC, the information is trustworthy and notable for a high-level look at business accounting. 

– Article Examples

Recently published articles covered the following:

  • Industry accounting salary outlook for 2023
  • The accountant shortage has been figured out
  • PwCs fancy new AI accounting tool
  • KPMG is putting ChatGPT to work
  • Deloittes sets its sights on the final frontier

– Benefits of this blog for accountants

If you’re interested in what the big 4 are up to around the globe, this one’s for you.  This site gives insight into their annual accounting salary surveys, and there is a “jobs section” where remote working accountants can sign up for top jobs. 

If you want to or need to maintain a higher level outlook of the accounting industry, this website will provide you with an opportunity to do that. 

VII. Accounting Today

– Website Focus

Accounting Today is a blog that provides news, analysis, and advice for accounting professionals. It covers topics such as tax, audit, technology, and business management.

The website is aimed at mid-sized firms and how they can go to the next level of success. 

– Article Examples

They have published the following articles in recent months:

  • New and improved tools for accountants in 2023
  • The 100 most influential people in accounting
  • Special Report: Managing a remote workforce
  • 2022 best firms for Women
  • Special Report: The audit of the future

– Benefits of this blog for accountants

Most impressive are the practice management and tech sections. However, this entire website doesn’t disappoint. They have so much information packed into one website that it leaves you wondering how they are keeping up with it all. Whatever they are doing, you are definitely the beneficiary. 

We love that they invite industry experts as guest writers.  This allows insight into how other professionals are dealing with current issues in the industry. 

Other Noteworthy Accounting Blogs

Although it’s not our intention to make an exhaustive list of accounting blogs, some still need a mention:

  1. CPA practice advisor
  2. Blake Oliver
  3. Accounting web 
  4. Angry Accountants – for a laugh in tough times
  5. AICPA insights
  6. Envoice

Want to write your own accounting blog?

Perhaps you’ve looked at our suggestions and thought: ‘I bet I could do with a blog on my own website.’  Well, we couldn’t agree more.  Blogs are a fantastic way to drive traffic to your website and engage with prospective clients. 

A blog also establishes you as an industry expert and next time, someone can be putting your accounting blog on a list for review.  This will really cement your reputation as a credible service. 

Nothing is more satisfying than seeing years of knowledge and experience come pouring out on the web. 


So, there it is.  A smorgasbord of accounting websites.   

This list of top 7 websites will complement existing resources that you use as they concentrate on a wide range of topics in the accounting profession.

It is vital for all accountants to keep up-to-date with accounting concepts, accounting trends and the opinions of other industry professionals.  The easiest way to do that is by regularly taking the time to read blog articles. 

The firm of the future is online.  More customers want a virtual service where they can get to know the firm they are interested in hiring before they make a face-to-face appointment.  The current customer is research savvy and wants to access the information they care about. 

So, not only do you need an informative blog for your own development, but your customer also needs financial professionals that showcase their expertise online. 
Leave us your thoughts in the comment section.  Let us know what your favorite accounting blogs are.  We would love to hear from you.

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