Accountant SEO Agency

We help accountants gain a consistent amount of profitable leads through SEO.

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About Us

We are a boutique SEO agency, only focusing on helping accountants get a consistent amount of new leads through search engine optimization.

Why Choose Us


We will only work with you if we see high odds of getting you at least a 5-to-1 return on your investment.


We help you to not only get additional traffic, but to get the traffic to have a positive impact on your PnL statement.


We only work with accounting companies. This enables us to get you faster results and a higher ROI, because we already know what works.


You get to see behind the scenes of everything that we do.
We report on our progress regularly and provide ad-hoc important information to you.

Our Services

We offer full-service SEO packages in different price groups consisting of the most efficient on- and off-page search engine optimization activities to boost your organic rankings. 

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"Amazing SEO Experts with a comprehensive strategy to build our search engine rankings.

These guys know their stuff and helped us build our brand with some great offsite SEO strategies. We saw our domain reputation improve, backlinks grow, and top search results start to come in. I recommend Gert and his team to anyone looking to build the reputation of their brand and site."


Want us to audit your website?

We will review your site and get back to you with a specific action plan on how you could grow your organic traffic and leads with SEO. 
You can then either do it by yourself or invite us to do the SEO work for you.